"Thank you so much for your amazing tutoring.  My daughter's report was good and most important her effort and positive attitude was even more amazing"  KM


"I would like to tell every one that Chantel has helped my boy so much in a few short months. When I told my son he would not be coming for 4 weeks due to a holiday, he started complaining and he wanted to cut the holiday short as to not miss out on so many weeks with Chantel. Chantel has given back my boy's confidence and he will even speak in front of the whole classroom now, something that he would have faked an illness for before..Thanks Chantel for caring not just for my boy but for ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DO FOR EVERYONE'S KIDS!!" C.H.


"I would just like everyone to know what a wonderful job Chantel has done with my son. He was so behind at the start of year one, we didnt realise that he needed glasses until the end of pre-primary so there was a lot he missed out on due to not be able to see clearly. He started year one hating school because it was just to hard. After his first set of sessions with Chantel he had nearly caught up, he is about to finish his second set of lessons and is finally starting to enjoy going to school now has more than caught up with everyone else. Thanks Chantel!" L.T.


"For the first semester of 2016 my daughter, Amelia, was tutored by Kiera to bring her maths up to speed....the patience Kiera shows her students makes it easy for them to keep calm and not get frustrated with themselves.....I have seen a vast improvement in Amelia's focus on her school work and she no longer hates maths thanks to Kiera." K.S.